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Breaker Identification

The easiest and safest way to identify a circuit breaker is to call or send us a photo.

Ordering breakers is VERY easy if you know the Catalog Number of the breaker.

If no Catalog Number is visible, we can quickly I.D. any breaker if you send us an image.

The Catalog number is usually somewhere on the breaker.

  • Note the Manufacturer of the Breaker.
  • The handle/lever of the circuit breaker usually has a number stamped  onto it indicating the exact amperage. This number corresponds to the last digits in the catalog number.
  • The first few LETTERS of the catalog number are usually specific to a manufacturer. They indicate type of breaker. These letters also indicate shape, plug in, bolt-on, etc.

Residential Breaker Example:

QO120 = QO 1 20 = Type QO 1 Pole 20 Amp
QO230 = QO 2 30 = Type QO 2 Pole 30 Amp
Q1B3100 = Q1 B 3 100 TYPE Q1 B Bolt-On 3 Pole 100 Amp


If the circuit breaker has been removed from the panel, there is often a catalog number stamped or printed on the breaker.

The first few letters are usually the Frame Type like QO, QOB, Q1B, QOU, C, BR, CH, FA, FAL, TEY.

The letters occasionally overlap between manufacturers.  Here are some to watch out for.

FA – Westinghouse and Square D are NOT interchangeable

KA – Westinghouse and Square D are NOT interchangeable

EHB – Westinghouse and Square D are NOT interchangeable

EH – Westinghouse and Square D are NOT interchangeable

CE – Challenger and Square D are NOT interchangeable