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We Sell a Variety of Circuit Breaker Types and Molded Case Circuit Breaker Products

Here at HLC Electric, we proudly carry thousands of both new and obsolete circuit breaker types, molded case circuit breaker and circuit breaker accessories for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our shipping services are provided for local, domestic and international customers. We carry a variety of items from every name brand in stock— Bryant, Zinsco, Sylvania, Clark, Trumbell, Heineman, Challenger, Cutler-Hammer, Federal Pacific, Square D, and much more! All of our circuit breakers and other products are electrically and mechanically tested to be sure that it is in good condition. We provide a one-year warranty with all of our products!

Molded Case Circuit Breakers, commonly referred to as Circuit Breakers, are the most common form of overcurrent protection in electrical systems since the 1940s. A circuit breaker will offer either thermal protection or magnetic protection or both. When a circuit breaker has both forms of protection it is referred to as a Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker.

Some models of circuit breakers are available with electronic trip units, while most are supplied with analog current monitoring technology. If you need help identifying the circuit breaker, accessory or part you need, our experienced and talented technicians are available during all business hours to assist you. Call, text or email your inquiries, and HLC Electric can identify, supply and cater to all of your circuit breaker necessities and desires.

If you’re looking for circuit breakers coupled with accessories, such as a Shunt Trip Device, Under-voltage Release, Auxiliary Switch, standard circuit breakers with Thermal Magnetic Overload Protection, or Magnetic Only Motor Circuit Protector, contact HLC Electric and our technicians will assist you per your job’s specifications in a detailed and timely manner.

Here at HLC Electric, we supply our customers with premium quality:

  • Main Breakers
  • Branch Breakers
  • Ground Fault Breakers

Our mounting styles include:

  • Plug-in
  • Bolt on
  • Feed through